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Old Bavarian Brewing Company’s beer are produced locally using the finest imported German barley and hops for a truly authentic German Flavor. The Beer are produced at the fox River Brewing Company under  the supervision of Old Bavarian’s Master Brewer.

Our Brews

OBBC Hefe Weizen

This southern German style of wheat beer (weizenbier) is top fermenting, which technically makes its style of alle, but uses a special yeast that imparts a very distinctive taste and aroma. This Bavarian style has a unique citrusy, clove-like and/or banana yeast character that may be mild to assertive. By German law, at least 50% of the fermentable sugars must come from malted wheat (5.0% ABV).

OBBC Munich Lager

This Bavarian pale (helles) lager is a malt accentuated beer that is not overly sweet, but is rather focused on malt flavor with an underlying hop bitterness for a smooth balanced profile. This style of beer was created in Munich in 1895 at the Spaten brewery to compete with Pilsnerstyle beers (^5.1%ABV). 

OBBC Pilsner (Pils)

This German style Pils is a light golden lager with a moderately dry finish accentuated with the classic bitterness and aroma of Saaz hops for a refreshingly clean and crisp beer. The first pilsner style beers were brewed in the 1840’s in Pilsen (Plzeň) Bohemia. (*5,2% ABV).ABV).

OBBC Oktoberfest

This is a smooth, clean (but complex) rich beer that is one of the classic malty styles of beer. This style of lager was typically brewed in the spring, signaling the end of the traditional brewing season and stored cold (lagered) during the warm summer months, then served in autumn during the traditional Oktoberfe

OBBC Klosterbock

Our Maibock or Helles bock is a “masterpiece” of malt and hops. It’s a deep golden color with a thick Creamy head and a strong and malty aroma. Our version, like that of Klosterbrau of Bamberg, is more aggressively hopped than others Maibocks f

OBBC Doppelbock

This is a very strong rich and malty full-bodied beer that has a nutty/ chocolate flavor for complexity. This Bavarian specialty was first brewed in Munich by the monks of St. Francis of Paula. The term “doppel (double) bock” was coined by Munich consumers. Like many other versions of doppelbock, our version also has a name ending in “-ator” in tribute to the original Salvator (7.3% ABV).

OBBC Weizenbock

This dark-ruby colored wheat doppelbock has a creamy fine head, full-bodied, warming and well-balanced. Strong notes of ripe bananas, raisins and plums meet liquorice and roasty aromas (8% ABV).

OBBC Sticke Altbier

This is the traditional style of beer from Dusseldorf. The term “Alt” refers to the “old” style of brewing (i.e., making top-fermented ales) that was common before lager brewing became popular. “Sticke” is the local vernacular for “secret” in Düsseldorf, which means the brewery does not reveal the recipe. But this much we will tell you: This beer is full-bodied and well-hopped, with a surprising balance between bitterness and nutty-malty sweetness (6.2% ABV).

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